1pg: The Story

Since 2001 our driving force has been a passion for providing solutions to problems. Our Mission is to deliver maximum value to people and business. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience to serve your needs. Meet 1pg...

Business Modelling

We ask the tough questions so you can be discover precisely your WHY and share it with the world.

Discover precisely your Unique Value Proposition, Competitive Advantage and Target Customer Segment.

Management Consulting

Our Core competency is a unique perspective in identifying and implementing continuous improvement. We thrive on delivering value which impact positively on people, productivity and profits.

Design Business Advisor 90 Day Program

The Quantum Leap Program is a dynamic 90-Day Business Improvement curriculum.
Significant breakthrough in increasing revenue and profit while decreasing time stress for business owners.

Business Advisor 12 Month Program

The Quantum Leap Platinum is an intense journey towards doubling and tripling a Business Owner’s net profit.

Once the 12-Month Business Growth Plan is set this program focuses on the 10 core strategy areas.

Rapid Prototyping

The old days of taking 12+ months to develop a new product is just not fast enough in today’s market.
We quickly go from idea to CAD modelling to 3D printing in materials from nylon to carbon fibre and kevlar.

We are Master Craftsmen

At 1pg we rely on battle-scars earned in the trenches to execute strategic design to forge step change improvements
to your operations. Our focus is to increase revenue and profit whilst reducing time stress for owners and team members.


We uncover unique insights which present significant opportunity to positive action.


An examined life is not
worth living, so prepare for accountability across the board.


Voice of Customer, Competitive forces and technical capabilities drive design parameters.


Prepare to challenge the status quo and boldly embrace new concepts and solutions.


We assist you with team on-boarding to effectively deliver new initiatives that deliver value.


Your success is ours. We are here to serve you however
best suits your needs.


Maz Schirmer CEO

Nige Austin helped Institute of Women
launch with over $230,000
in course tuition on day one of
our company launching.
I Highly Recommend Nige for picking up
gaps where you could be losing money
and helping you launch a Successful
or turn your existing business



MATT KAMAU   Director


What a 12 months we’ve had! We worked with 1pg on our Goals, Business Model and 5 Year Strategic Plan. We have already achieved all of our goals this year! We’ve now got cloud based project management and our own app, new marketing, ISO quality accreditation and have partnered with the leading body in our industry.

The new system that was put in place generated more leads than we could quote, so we had to hire new staff and are now rapidly expanding nationally. Thanks Nige!







The new system that was put in place generated more leads than we could quote, so we had to hire new staff and are now rapidly expanding nationally. Thanks Nige!